HQ Monday Night Steak Special


HQ has a great 2-for-1 steak special on Monday nights. The allure of the restaurant lay for me in the fact that they only serve sirloin, one kind of salad and chips made one way. This means that other than drink orders, the only question you get asked by your waiter is “how would you like your steak done?”. Perfect!

With low ceilings and unexpectedly large capacity, HQ somehow manages to be big and cosy at the same time. They have a decent range of whiskys, they cater for big groups of people and live musicians provide welcome, tasteful, upbeat background music. The service was friendly, albeit a little slow.

The steak was delicious and 250g which wasn’t expected on a 2-for-1 night, the chips are all you want them to be and the sauce is absolutely mouthwatering. The starter salad that they bring out first is yum and the portion more generous than expected. I was most surprised that while we were eating, a waiter came over twice to offer us more chips and more sauce. On a special night, this blew us away and we will certainly go back. You certainly get your money’s worth at R175 for 2 people (as at Jan 2014).

This 2-for-1 steak option is super popular, and your seating is for 2 hours max – you need to book early, a few days in advance. They have an impressive system that emails you your booking confirmation and has one-click cancellation capability – I had never seen that before, but I love it!

I highly recommend HQ for steak lovers – you’d pay the same price for 1 steak elsewhere in Cape Town that we paid for 2. A true gem!


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