Local Politics Ala Julia Malema


Having returned to Cape Town from New Zealand, I realised that I had temporarily forgotten our quintessentially South African breed of politics and politicians. Between Nkandla, Zuma and his crew, Juju and his red beret-donning cronies, the Agang/DA flashmob wedding followed almost immediately by divorce, our political landscape looks like a rather ghastly mutation between a soap opera, a tragedy and a joke. While all of these ridiculous reports about how our leaders are making mistakes that should have them kicked out of parliament on virtually a weekly basis, I feel the coverage of these ridiculous happenings steal valuable airtime from us actually hearing what is happening in this magnificent country of ours.

While all of that is rather disheartening, some lighthearted frivolity with a political spin is refreshing. Recently at Trenchtown, while enjoying another sublime Cape Town Saturday, Julia Malema made her political debut..

DSC01611She came to rally supporters for her new party, the BFF (Babes Freedom Front). Dressed in bright pink leather pants, with sky high stilleto’s, a wig that’d give Patricia Lewis’ hair a run for it’s money, fake blonde eye lashes and of course a bright pink beret just like our favourite Julius Malema’s, she educated us on how she “single handedly monopolised the Limpopo modelling scene” winning every beauty pageant (she was crowned Miss Ellerines 2 years in a row) and how we should vote for her because no other political party has enough glamour to run a country.

Julia – whoever you are, you made our day. I will never forget how much we laughed, and how even in your fake regalia I am sure many would trust you more than our current president. When we laugh at our politicians because we can’t do anything else, it is embarassing and indicates a major problem that we don’t really know how to face. But when someone has the ingenuity to dress up and make a lighthearted joke of the political farse we are currently experiencing in government, it was most welcome on a balmy Saturday in Trenchtown.

Nothing like some political comic relief, when our head of state is an imbasilic frog on a rampage.


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