An Ode to Water


World Water Day, 22 March 2014.

This morning I dedicated my meditation practice to water. Sitting beside a body of water, I drew some lessons, like water from a well, and I drank my fill.

– Crystal clear water where you can see all the way to the bottom requires certain conditions, and regular maintenance

– If you can see something at the bottom of a pool of water that you want to get to, when you pierce the surface, the whole area becomes a bit blurry and things are no longer as clear. Sometimes it can churn things up so much that you can’t see down to the item you wanted to get to in the first place. Thus, we need to be gentle when digging deep.

– What we do to one molecule of water ripples through them all

– If you leave a body of water exposed to the natural environment, life will flourish in and around it. Not all things that grow are good in all situations. In a pool, if algae starts to happily grow due to neglect, you need to sweep it off and correct the chemical imbalance and PH, either through using an acidic or basic component. We need to stay in touch with our chemical mix, and the changes can be so subtle. Water teaches us to be aware of the subtle.

– There is nothing like plunging into a cold body of water on a hot day

– We can float in water. I think of and honour all that floats in the waters inside us. Submerging ourselves in water is like going home.

– If one friend puts their feet in the ocean and another does the same but in a different ocean in a different part of the world, those friends touch. Molecular moments through metamediums.

– To keep a pool crystal clear and free of debris requires maintenance and good practices. We should treat our minds with the same attentiveness.

– Standing aside the body of water I saw my own body of water reflected and I marvelled. I stood still, but my reflection in the water moved. The water moves within us and outside us.

– When we sweat, when we cry, our ocean pours forth like a waterfall, like waves crashing. When we stand in the rain, the same happens but outside us and we get to marvel. Raindrops quench the thirst of the land, and sweat and tears do the same.

– Each of us is and has an ocean contained within our skin. Not everyone can sail our oceans, not every (relation)ship will last, there are wreckages. Some ships catch wind and tear across our oceans, others are becalmed and stay a long while until the wind picks up. Others get lost in the storms, others do not take the time to explore the beauty while still others are assailed by the beauty before even setting sail. Sometimes the person may grow to or intuitively know our ocean but the ship may not be made for a particular kind of sea and no matter how skillful the sailor, some just don’t make the journey – bitter-sweetly, this means the person may voyage away to never return, and the ship may sink. We need to be patient and to get to know our own oceans before the oceans of others. Not everyone is a natural born sailor, and not everyone has sea legs. Be patient with yourself and each other. Some oceans are wide with no land in sight, some oceans are full of bays and islands. Every ocean is different, and we need to look to the wider oceans of our world to see reflections of ourselves. We must sail our oceans and the oceans of others with grace, light and mercy, for all of us are always learning.

– Things can be distorted in size, nature and shape through water. We choose how true we want to be. Misunderstandings and misinterpretations will happen – we need to be patient and kind to ourselves and others.

– Speaking toxic words and thinking toxic thoughts over water changes its molecular structure. It is the same for people. If we lived like we believed this, our lives, our relationships and our waters would be in a very different state.

– Each human is a body of water. Each ocean is a body of water. Each pool, each puddle, each dew drop, each is a body of water.

– Mountain/river water is slightly acidic from the trace elements found in it, stripping our skin of some of the oils, leaving it soft and silky smooth. Drinking water flushes out toxins. Water is a cleansing medium.

– The moon pulls the oceans, the moon pulls us, however subtly. Science and the spirit are like yin and yang, they are not opposites, they are not mutually exclusive, in fact they are the best argument for each other.


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