Packing Light (a poetic response to the post)


I packed light

It filled my bag

But weighed nothing.

There was no space for anything else

No useful tools

No practical gadgets

No perfume

No lace

No low cuts no high heels

No summer dresses

No comfy pants.

There was so much light

It threatened to burst open

I locked my case and felt clumsy pulling it behind me.

I started as a “what-if-just-in-case” traveller

But that was far too heavy

I ran out of case to fill

And resented the things I didn’t use

Taking up space that could have been used for light.


I pack light.


There is no lock

For what is inside cannot be taken.

I opened my bag

And let the light out to make space for the new

I basked in the warm glory of my contents

And let it all simmer, sift and sort.

Such comfort to be surrounded in temporary chaos.

Now I see

I do not need a bag on my back

Nor do I need the things it contains.

All I need is light

And I need no bag for that.


So, now

I pack light

And there’s no space for anything else.


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