Time Flies


The clock stopped ticking

In time

Perpetually ticking, in fact

At 3.45pm

“A new battery”, she said

“That’ll speed it up again

Take it down for me,

Remove it from the wall”

As if I could.

It was stuck to the wall with Prestick

Like wet chewing gum

Sticky strings of time.

As she changed the battery to start time again

I saw a spider behind the clock on the wall

Swollen stomach, protruding black legs



On the flies

Hiding the flies

Behind stopped time.

Time flies

Immortalised at 3.45.

Never to wake again.

The spider died

Also at 3.45,

Like all its victims.

We wiped the vertical graveyard

And re-set the time

Soaring forward

Onward, into the future

In a matter of seconds.

Now 7.45.

Seconds lost, ticks untocked

Flown off the face of the static clock

Time flies,

When you replace the batteries.

Time stops

When the spider eats the flies.

Then time is still

At 3.45.



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