What’s Your Superpower?


Recently I witnessed a woman feed 1ml syringes of milk to 3 baby ginger kittens, just one month old. These kittens were absolutely ravenous! One kitten in particular stood on its weak back legs, sucked wildly on the end of the syringe and desperately reached its paws forward into oblivion as if to scream “MORE!!!”. I was simultaneously amused and a bit shocked and found myself saying out loud that I wouldn’t be surprised if the little kitten levitated.

This got my brain juices flowing and I thought to myself: Hunger is a superpower! I remember when I was younger and even still sometimes now people ask, sometimes in jest, sometimes as an icebreaker or for a dress up party theme, “If you could choose one superpower, what would it be?”. All of a sudden with stark clarity I realised – we are given everything we need and while we may dream of having some bizarre superpower, we as humans already have a lot of internal power that we would do well to better understand, respect and leverage within our lives for good.

I certainly see hunger as one of our powers. In hunter/gatherer times, if you were hungry and a hunter, your senses piqued because the more hungry you got, the more desperately you needed to get food. Obviously it tips beyond a point, probably in a roughly bell-shaped curve, but as one gets more hungry towards that point of inflection, so much more is possible. There are many things that humans do to get food when they need it. So too, I see love as another one of our superpowers. Love motivates and enables all kinds of seemingly super-human activity – mothers scaling fences, indescribable strength, all kinds of sacrifice and even infectious increases in health and vitality that cannot be matched by any kind of modern medicine.

So too, there are emotions or thought patterns that can have such powerful impacts on us that we literally see reality in a new way, and a whole new host of things that were once impossible become possible.

This tangent of pondering has got me thinking: While I would love to be able to speak all languages, to be a true Babel-fish polyglot, I think that rather than wishing for the impossible, I will spend more time examining my own superpowers that have been gifted to us by nature. To be grateful for them and to watch how they manifest in my life so that I can better leverage them for self-regulation, connection with others/nature and the greater good.

I think there is great value in refusing to continue to wear our wishbones where our backbones should be. Courage is facing reality with what you have and thriving there, rather than slinking away into the indulgence of fantasies and fears, though they do have their place. We as humans have  more power than we know and are empowered to access and utilise it – it is up to us how we channel it and great humility, gratitude and reverence is required to navigate these waters. We all feel emotions and in their extreme form, they can be like superpowers – either used as constructive medicine or as a destructive weapon.

How do you feel these superpowers in your life? How does your reality change when you are ravenous, livid or in love, lust or hate? What other powers do you feel take you out of your normal capacity? What steps can you take to feel more empowered and to support others on their own road to empowerment?


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