How A Woman Covers Her Body


How a woman covers her body…

Are her clothes tight?

Does she show you her skin,

Exposing areas of great vulnerability

And why does she want you to see her skin?

Or does she want you to see beyond her skin?

It may well have nothing to do with you,

She may just love the evening breeze on her shoulders,

The morning sun on her chest.

Does she wear baggy clothes,

That hide or disguise her softest parts

So that no one can see her

Form and her shape?

Perhaps she just likes to move, to dance,

Perhaps she hates restricted spaces of any kind

Perhaps her body loves to BREATHE rather than burn.

Perhaps she covers her body

For her sake

To protect herself from what she thinks the world might think

You may never know.

She may never question.

How does a woman cover her body?

Does she underdress to stay in the dark, to hide her light?

Does she overdress to steal the light, afraid of the dark?

Does she fear her light?

Does she love her dark?

Does she have any other clothes?

You may think about what is underneath them.

She may want you to think, to see, even deeper.

So when you look at a woman

And what she wears

Do not see it as clothes

Do not dream of what you wish she would wear

Do not judge her choices

Ask not ask why she wears what she wears,

Ask rather if she is comfortable in her own skin.




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