When we talk you think we’re just talking
But I know we’re planting seeds
In the years to come I’ll take shade in the forests
As I walk through the woods and the weeds

It has recently become of interest to me how we say that a conversation is over. A particular conversation between 2 or more people may logically be over, and 1 or all parties may never think about it again; some may even forget that the conversation ever happened at all. However, just because the people stop talking with words, I believe the topic, the words, the feelings, the thoughts and the energy of the conversation take on a new life of their own. The “end” (death) of the conversation actually implies the converse as it makes way for the “start” (new life) of something else. So a conversation may seem to be about one topic, but may in fact lead you to/be about something completely different, or at least seemingly different. We may mean one thing, say another thing and someone may interpret something entirely differently. A great and magical mystery, as well as a challenge, for we never really can know the next-level conversation someone has in their minds after our conversation with them “ends”. Some lives need nurturing/watering and others grow on their own.

I can remember conversations that “ended” decades ago – I remember how I felt, what the world smelt like, what was said. I recall certain decisions made in response to certain conversations, some of which I would call life-changing. The other person/people in the original conversation may remember something entirely different, or perhaps remember nothing all all, or their feeling about something may have shifted and they may not even recall how/why. It is poignant to regularly remember that things – including conversations – are not created or destroyed but only transformed. Of even more poignance is to be humbled by and conscious of this when we converse.

ConnectionsSo perhaps it is less about conversing and more about connecting. And less about connecting things but more about connecting networks of networks – nothing in this world exists in isolation, all things are connected. This puts value on the connections and less value on things, which is a valuable tangent in its own right. We need to be aware that ideas and words can spread like seeds on the wind – we may think that no one heard or saw us, we may think that no one understood, but we may be wrong. I have often walked/driven/run past someone and thought something about them that I didn’t get to/wasn’t able to/it wasn’t appropriate to say/share – I have wondered many times where those thoughts go? A neon sign above my head, a billboard beyond the cosmos, the depths of the ocean, out of the mouth of an unknowing stranger? It inspires me to be aware of what comes into my head and my heart and to be open but discerning.

I am seeing less and less separation between people, nature and life in general. We see parts of ourselves reflected in the still water and the wild ocean, in the rock warmed by the sun and the steam sublimating straight to icicles on my eyelashes in sub-zero cold.

As with most things there is little use in overthinking or analysing this but there is certainly value in acknowledging that there is far more that we don’t know about everything, including conversations, than what we can ever know combined. There is a bizarre peace that flows out of that truth, a sense of relief and glorious, expansive floating in unity.


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