Luna-See vs Lunacy


Today is quite a remarkable day astronomically.

It is the Autumn Equinox where we Southerners say a sad farewell as the strength of the sun moves North. It is also a New Moon or “dark moon” and a total eclipse, for the moon is directly between the earth and the sun. The cherry on top is that it is also a Super Moon, where the moon is said to be in perigree i.e the closest position to the earth along its orbital.

I took a moment to pause, to see what such a cosmically unique day could be trying to teach us, or rather remind us of and reflect within us. Here are my ponderings:

– The Moon is dark/invisible when it is closest to us tonight. Sometimes when something is close to us, right in front of us, we have the most trouble seeing it clearly and often don’t see it at all. It takes a different vantage point/perspective/angle (or someone with a different perspective) to help us realise the truth, which cannot always be seen
– We can never see from all sides at once, but we can be aware that there are more sides than we are ever able to see, no matter what side we find ourselves on
– When the moon is really dark, it gives the stars a chance to seem brighter. Everything gets its chance to shine, in its time
– Much of life is found in the play between dark and light, shadow and illumination. They require each other to survive and in fact, at different times, events align cosmically for each to get their time in and out of the sun
– Today, when the New Moon is in perigree, it is closest to us and thus exerts the highest gravitational pull on the tides, on the earth and on us. We cannot always see what is influencing us or “dragging us down”, but it is often close to us and we may not be able to see it, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t there. What do we feel is weighing on us that we can cut loose? Are there any actions we need to take, any things to throw away, any beliefs to question? Anything we need to allow to surface, which tides are welling up within us?
– The word “lunacy”, refers to madness. In times gone by, it was clearly assumed that the moon made people a bit crazy. There is no need to fear/ignore the impact of the moon on us and run from it but to rather become more aware of and sensitive to it by watching the moon cycle and seeing how it affects us. There is great wisdom in the cycles of nature and paying much closer attention to them is key on the road to healing, truth, perspective and harmony
– Absence has just as much impact as presence, sometimes more
– Autumn Equinox: The turning of seasons, the cusp between seasons. The ragged edge. As we turn from the balmy searing warmth of summer into the crisp cool tempering Autumn, there is a nip in the air. Looking to the garden helps us to see the cycles, it gives us prompts and cues about what it needs and what is coming – death and the new life that follows it. Time to enrich the soil, to start clearing the dead leaves and matter that will decompose to bring nutrients and new life to the earth. Cusp times are always sacred times, to take stock, to make stock. Heading into Autumn, I feel myself gravitating towards copious cups of warm tea, am using more blankets and am getting tired earlier as the sun sinks earlier. No doubt the garden will be wanting and feeling similar things. Winter is coming, but let’s not hurry there – let’s be still and see what Autumn has to teach us first
– When something dies, new life doesn’t necessarily emerge fully-grown immediately, it can take time. We need to be patient but also to realise that new life may not look how we think it looks, and our eyes are not always the best to use for really seeing things
– We cannot rush life, just as we cannot cheat death
– Some things can only be realised in the dark
– It is as if there are 2 worlds – the day and the night – that blend into each other at dawn and twilight
– In the darkness, let us turn in to connect with our own cycles, to check in with how we are feeling and to lovingly and honestly take a look at ourselves and what we need to release
– Darkness and light are the best explanation for each other, just like mystery and science
– In the scorching sun, we often take refuge in shade/shadow to prevent ourselves from burning. This is a great time to see from the “other side”, to allow our perceptions to take a break so we can see things as they are. Try think of upsides to things that seem “dark” and downsides to those that seem “light”
– It is never ALL light or ALL dark. Look for the one in the other, the other in the one. There is no duality, no mutual exclusivity but rather an intricate dance of proportions
– Nature has its own cycles. We humans would do well to pay better attention to these and work with them rather than against, parallel to or separated from them
– What are we feeling coming into alignment in our own lives? What has been eclipsed and seemingly blocked? What do we feel “blind” to? Is there anything we can actively do or is the process already in motion and patience all that is required? Where are we feeling resistance to change, and do we know why?
– There is so much more unknown than there is known. Why do we connect the dark with fear, really? Let us embrace the blank canvas of potential that Newness brings and be inspired to do something different this time, to allow a new pattern to emerge

There is plenty more that could be learned from today, and from any other day. I hope you take the time to pause and honour the cosmic events today, for no two events ever happen exactly the same twice. There is no need for us to continue repeating the same patterns like mindless, unfeeling, pre-programmed robots rather than waking up as beings of infinite potential, fresh in each new moment.

Let us savour these moments, and be open to what inside us is being reflected outside. As the Autumn winds blow, may they invigorate our spirits, bodies and minds, may they take with them any old, dead beliefs/memories that no longer serve us but could be turned into nourishment in another state and may they carry our dreams and wishes into the Dark Night.


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