Going nowhere

Like an empty train on a tangent

Set on a course

Off course

Of course.


Yet slippery.


Everywhere and nowhere at once

Like a ghost in a sheet

A wolf in sheep’s clothing

A hungry lion facing a butterfly

Nothing cloaked in everything.

Nothing can nourish,

And cloaks can drown.

Empty words.

Ravenous, she watched

As she ate her boiling liquid words

From the bowl of perception

With the fork of expectation

(hard to swallow at first,

but numb follows the burn)

And left her to starve.

She was silent now

Burnt and yet numb

Exhausted from eating

Fed and yet starving

There and yet away

Warm and yet cold

A and yet B

Y and yet Z

You and yet me


Empty words


For people to hear what they can never say.


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