The Autumn Attic


Up in the Autumn Attic of my mind

Where I climb up and leaves fall down

I had a dream.

It planted a fruit that grew a seed

That brought light to my darkest day

A golden light

Spilling out of itself

Glowing radiantly.

Isn’t it amazing

How one action of many strands

Can liberate a dream

Like a Dove released from a cage

At last, for the peace it has always sought.

The olive branch, the white flag,

With love and with courage

From mind to heart, from heart to mind.

Ocean reflects sky as sky reflects ocean

And then something that was so sore

Is allowed to be beautiful again

Complete, just as it was.

As tears fill my eyes

I am filled with golden gratitude

For such a beautiful love.

I wake up to find myself

Whole again




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