Ice Cream


Pokeno Ice cream

What is it

About ice cream?

Cold and soft in my warm mouth

Two substances mingle and melt

Into each other


How does it make me feel?

What does it make me want?

I want to scream

I want to play

To feel

To run, to dance, to taste

What does it do to my mind?

A re-minder

Of summer dresses, umbrellas, of waves


Sand between my toes

Intermingled fingers and body parts

Of Zorro, of sorrow

Of jewellery borrowed from girlfriends,

Of no tomorrow

I scream

With joy, with delight, with pleasure

In anger, in frustration, in excruciating pain

In love

Ice cream

Cold in my warm mouth

The cold mind tastes the warm heart

The old of the mind is newly re-minded

Of all that it is, and all that it is becoming

Brain freezes to numb

And suddenly I remember and become

I scream

As I lick, I laugh

As I swallow, I smile

And my tongue laps up this sweet creamy contrast

I scream

What is it about ice cream?

The fact that I do.



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