The Ocean At Our Feet

Beach enough for two
United in solitude
Pieces of the Master-Peace
Falling into place.
Liquid mercury
Lapping at the shore
With reassuring, rhythmic repetition
A lunar reminder laced in silver
Calling, pulling, pushing
As the tide flows in and out.
Darkness drives the clouds away
Unveiling the night sky in all her glory
A celestial stage, a onenightonly show for two.
Three stars streak heroically across the midnight dome
Telling tales of courage, of life and of death.

Footprints are washed from the sand

Feint echoes of yesterday
Flashing, fading into the distance
Reflections of light stretch across the water,
Fingers of shimmering colour reaching towards the shore
As the arms of the land wrap lovingly around the sheltered bay
A haven for windswept sailors.
Dischords resolving
Spirits evolving
Inner voices in harmony
Wild horses running free

Lion hearts bravely roaring lines into the land

Tendrils reaching into and out of each other
Independant twinings
The finest of fragrant teas
Lulled with feint notes and lyrics.
Gently, willingly
Further out to sea
To glimpse who each could become
To taste who they know themselves to be
Each soul awoken in the presence of the other
Dormant concepts stirred back into life
Thoughts surrendered to the waves
No need to hide, no need to save face
Questions aired, lessons shared
A sense of common ground.
Day breaks but the journey goes on
Kindred Spirits in the crowd.
A lifetime of patient sunrises
With the ocean at our feet

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