Autumn’s Death

Do not leave your pain unattended
Do not pretend your grief does not exist
They will not wait for you to see
They only want to be felt
So they can pass safely through.
Ignore them and they will multiply
Fight them and they will grow
They will sneak up on you
In the dark and in the light
And they will eat you
Hear them
Feel them
Ask them
Just look at them, even once
And they will whisper what you’ve always known
That all is well,
And on the other side
And you will exist
Despite and beyond them.
They cannot last,
Unless you deny they aren’t there.
No iron was forged without fire
The butcher’s blade understands searing pain
The potter’s bowl knows suffocation
The sailor’s knot knows tension
But it also knows the winds of freedom.
Never forget
That noone can deny the beauty of Autumn’s death
And you have everything you need.

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