EHIPASSIKO: Come and See


Ehipassiko is a Pali word that refers to the concept of “Come and see” in Buddhism, where we are encouraged to investigate things rather than just blindly accept them. Being a curious creature by nature and nurture, this concept appeals to me acutely as I revel in the opportunity to, on my own and certainly also with others, explore and discover, with an open, discerning mind.

I feel life is an invitation, nonchalantly remaining available for us to embrace or ignore on a daily and even moment-by-moment basis. An invitation to be open to seeing the deeper meaning of things. Life has no opinion of us; it is we who get to choose our response to life, and it is that response that will define our moments. I, for one, want to authentically choose to embrace life every day, in both the glorious and the seemingly mundane moments. To see the old in the new, and the new in the old, is how we recognise that time is irrelevant and should not be used as an excuse to do what we shouldn’t or to not do what we should. It isn’t about saturating every second with “things” and being constantly busy, but for me, it is more about savouring and appreciating moments and seeing the beauty and value in and beyond them, regardless of what they look like on the outside. Taking a moment to explore the insides of the moment, to find out who they really are and who we are in them, not judging a moment by it’s cover. Not for one moment.

So I choose to share my thoughts with you, offering some insight into what is inspiring me. I hope that you find some of your own.


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