For as long as I could remember, I had dreamed of making a round mosaic table. One day, walking along the side of a mountain pass, I saw a side mirror shattered beside the road. I went back to collect it the next day. A week later, two wonderful women gifted me two boxes of glass. That afternoon, I found two tables – one was round, and the other needed a total overhaul but I could see what it could be. The glass and the tables sat in our garage for a few more months until we had a robbery, and I found myself placing my first mosaic, realising that I wanted to make something beautiful that would last beyond how awful we felt about what happened. It dawned on me that I love mosaics far more than puzzles, because in a puzzle each clearly has its place but with mosaics, there are gaps between pieces, and it isn’t always clear how a motley collection of fragments will take shape¬†until they do.¬†Since then, I have continued to make things. Here are some of my creations!

Mosaic 1: Fragments of the Round Table. This was rather Gestaltian for me, the whole being greater than the sum of the parts, and how there was a gravity to it, all the fragments finding their place in the whole. The colour segment divisions happened organically, and a mirror was at the centrepoint, symbolising how our true strength comes from our centre, regardless of what happens around us. A very special Paua shell necklace pendant from New Zealand was my round addition to the piece.

Mosaic 2: Birdbath. I found myself initially resistant to square tiles, as I prefer curves in general, but my mind has changed. I had a delicious shopping experience where I bought/was gifted hundreds of little square mosaic tiles and this was my first experiment with them, about which I am delighted! This bird bath has been in our family since before I was born, and for years it has been growing algae and has had a crack in it, somewhat neglected behind a tree in our garden. Placing the tiles and seeing what emerged, this design reflects my love for the number 3, and the blues, jades and green shades that bring me such constant rest.


Mosaic 3: 3-Tiered Spiral. This was another ode to my love of the number 3 and particularly 33. Spirals have brought me great medicine in my life, particularly in the past number of months regarding movement, momentum and natural forces. When I did my first mosaic, I had an idea of a spiral, but it wasn’t the right time and I was feeling my way through other shapes. Here is a once-rectangular table I took apart and refurbished into this, reflecting the multidimensional/multilayered and spiral nature of life.


Mosaic 4: The Home Number 15


Mosaic 5: Hand Mirror for a Beautiful Woman – The Gift: a Promise To See & Be Seen


Mosaic 6: The Lizard, my first piece to be sold