Autumn’s Death

Do not leave your pain unattended
Do not pretend your grief does not exist
They will not wait for you to see
They only want to be felt
So they can pass safely through.
Ignore them and they will multiply
Fight them and they will grow
They will sneak up on you
In the dark and in the light
And they will eat you
Hear them
Feel them
Ask them
Just look at them, even once
And they will whisper what you’ve always known
That all is well,
And on the other side
And you will exist
Despite and beyond them.
They cannot last,
Unless you deny they aren’t there.
No iron was forged without fire
The butcher’s blade understands searing pain
The potter’s bowl knows suffocation
The sailor’s knot knows tension
But it also knows the winds of freedom.
Never forget
That noone can deny the beauty of Autumn’s death
And you have everything you need.

The Quick


Quick, quick, slow

Quick, quick, slow.

Down to the quick

Quick, lick, show.

What’s In A Name?



The tame in the wild and the wild in the tame

The same in the different and the different in the same

The new in the old and the old in the new

The few in the many and the many in the few

The pain in the pleasure and the pleasure in the pain

The name in the nameless and the nameless in the name

The chains in the freedom and the freedom in the chains

The gains in the loss and the loss in the gains

The gift in the taken and the taken in the gift

The shift in the static and the static in the shift

But what of beyond, not just above and below?

What of the the precious things we cannot yet know?



As we watch the hands of time

We wear a watch on our wrists

Do we have time on our hands?

How do these hands of time tick

Some days it seems straight

Some days it has a twist

Others still a curve, or a bend

Perhaps even backwards

And in the forest

Time stands still.

The Ocean At Our Feet

Beach enough for two
United in solitude
Pieces of the Master-Peace
Falling into place.
Liquid mercury
Lapping at the shore
With reassuring, rhythmic repetition
A lunar reminder laced in silver
Calling, pulling, pushing
As the tide flows in and out.
Darkness drives the clouds away
Unveiling the night sky in all her glory
A celestial stage, a onenightonly show for two.
Three stars streak heroically across the midnight dome
Telling tales of courage, of life and of death.

Footprints are washed from the sand

Feint echoes of yesterday
Flashing, fading into the distance
Reflections of light stretch across the water,
Fingers of shimmering colour reaching towards the shore
As the arms of the land wrap lovingly around the sheltered bay
A haven for windswept sailors.
Dischords resolving
Spirits evolving
Inner voices in harmony
Wild horses running free

Lion hearts bravely roaring lines into the land

Tendrils reaching into and out of each other
Independant twinings
The finest of fragrant teas
Lulled with feint notes and lyrics.
Gently, willingly
Further out to sea
To glimpse who each could become
To taste who they know themselves to be
Each soul awoken in the presence of the other
Dormant concepts stirred back into life
Thoughts surrendered to the waves
No need to hide, no need to save face
Questions aired, lessons shared
A sense of common ground.
Day breaks but the journey goes on
Kindred Spirits in the crowd.
A lifetime of patient sunrises
With the ocean at our feet

Ice Cream


Pokeno Ice cream

What is it

About ice cream?

Cold and soft in my warm mouth

Two substances mingle and melt

Into each other


How does it make me feel?

What does it make me want?

I want to scream

I want to play

To feel

To run, to dance, to taste

What does it do to my mind?

A re-minder

Of summer dresses, umbrellas, of waves


Sand between my toes

Intermingled fingers and body parts

Of Zorro, of sorrow

Of jewellery borrowed from girlfriends,

Of no tomorrow

I scream

With joy, with delight, with pleasure

In anger, in frustration, in excruciating pain

In love

Ice cream

Cold in my warm mouth

The cold mind tastes the warm heart

The old of the mind is newly re-minded

Of all that it is, and all that it is becoming

Brain freezes to numb

And suddenly I remember and become

I scream

As I lick, I laugh

As I swallow, I smile

And my tongue laps up this sweet creamy contrast

I scream

What is it about ice cream?

The fact that I do.


The Autumn Attic


Up in the Autumn Attic of my mind

Where I climb up and leaves fall down

I had a dream.

It planted a fruit that grew a seed

That brought light to my darkest day

A golden light

Spilling out of itself

Glowing radiantly.

Isn’t it amazing

How one action of many strands

Can liberate a dream

Like a Dove released from a cage

At last, for the peace it has always sought.

The olive branch, the white flag,

With love and with courage

From mind to heart, from heart to mind.

Ocean reflects sky as sky reflects ocean

And then something that was so sore

Is allowed to be beautiful again

Complete, just as it was.

As tears fill my eyes

I am filled with golden gratitude

For such a beautiful love.

I wake up to find myself

Whole again